My Prayer God
    Beginning 02/01/01 - Revised 02/01/18

  1. I am here to add my prayer.!

  2. This site was created so that people around the World could log onto a familiar, friendly place at home or while traveling and use this page.

  3. My Prayer God is a thought for loved ones.

  4. Now, everyone thanks you for stopping by to leave your pray and may God hear your prayers. (10000 bytes)

  5. Something for the nonbelivers!

  6. May those who are not belivers become belivers and know where God is.

  7. May those who believe in the future believe in healing by modern science and God who resides in everyone.

  8. Believe that God lives in an eight inch sphere only and that is between our ears in our sphere.

  9. JESUS believed in his modern medicine of his day and including his healing.